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Health is the state of being free from illness or injury. Since illness and injuries occur, keeping our body, mind, and spirit optimal requires knowing (Awareness) what to do. Accountability is the next stage leading towards mastery when you know what to do. So in repeating the good things that will allow your body to run optimally, we can now rank the degree of Wellness you are currently experiencing. Be a part of the Initiative and experience building your Foundation in Health and Wellness. 


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THE WLVS INITIATIVE was founded by Rick Barton Jr, a personal coach with 5+ years of experience delivering informational support to his clients. Seeing a lack of support in the community with quality coaching and cueing assisting clientele in performing and executing at their absolute best. Rick saw an opportunity that needed to be filled.

If you move better, your confidence to feel better will indeed be validated by your movement efficiency. With competitive prices and elite coaching that is unparalleled. What could you be waiting for? Contact us today and learn more about what our Initiative can do to serve you.

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